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  1. Research Issues on Drugs for a Report

    April 22, 2015 by vgd

    In prison, Thoreau published the article generally known as “Weight to Civil Government”. Everybody features a mind, a viewpoint of their own. cash flow That’s what government is for. It was not resolved by everybody. Government must listen to him in place of forcing him to pay for duty. This is why he’ll fight the federal government. Thoreau also stated that bulk principle does not communicate for everyone which is not always correct. (more…)

  2. Car Leasing – What is it all about?

    April 17, 2015 by Steve Marsh

    What you do for a living often comes up in conversation, and when someone asks us what we do we normally say “we work for a leasing company” or to make it simpler “we sell cars and vans”. The best description of our job that we’ve ever heard is at BMW dealerships where their employees are know as “Personal Mobility Brokers”!! Come on! We’re proud of what we do and the service we offer!


    So, “we work for a leasing company” but a lot of people don’t really know what that means or what we do… basically vehicle leasing is an arrangement to pay a fixed amount over an agreed number of years for any car or van. At the end of that agreed period you hand the vehicle back and choose your next one. Simple as that.


    People sometimes say to us that they like to own their car, but the reality is that they’ll finance a new car over 3 to 5 years; make the final payment at the end of the period; breathe a sigh of relief that their high monthly payments have come to an end; then the following month they decide they’re bored of their vehicle and they want a new one, and it starts all over again! We don’t think this makes much sense! Leasing protects you from the cost of depreciation when you buy a car, the stress and hassles of selling a car, and the unexpected cost of repair bills.


    The price of lease cars is based on the residual value, in other words the price that the finance company thinks the vehicle will be worth at the end of the period. It’s often the case that you can afford a car or van that you think will be too expensive, as prestige brands don’t tend to depreciate as fast as others. We had a great example of this today…  a lady came into our store, she was interested in a mid-range hatchback (which is all she felt her budget would stretch to) she had been for a test drive and received a quote. After a cup of tea and a chat with us we saved her £27 a month and she is now looking forward to driving her brand new Mercedes – a car that she never felt she would have been able to afford! By choosing to lease you not only enjoy the benefits of fixed cost motoring, you also get to drive a vehicle that you might previously have thought was outside of your budget.


    At Carnoisseur Leasing we bring together the very best leasing deals from a wide range of finance companies and vehicle manufacturers. Our car leasing deals start from £99.00 plus vat per month (£118.80 including vat) – this would get you a brand new Volkswagen Up, Citroen C1 or Nissan Micra to name just a few. Our Mercedes and Audi offers start from as little as £199.00 plus vat per month (£238.80 including VAT). We can find the car or van that’s right for you at the price that’s right for you.


    When you are ready for a new car or van, talk to us first! Remember, when you use Carnoisseur Leasing great service is guaranteed :) Right Car, Right Van, Right Price!

I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you personally for the wonderful service that I have received from you and your company. I have leased six cars over the years and have to say the way you dealt with my car was wondeful. Many thanks for all your efforts, I will vertainly be recommending your company in the future.

Dave, Luton Town

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