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  1. Our Text Only Special Offer Emails – Why no photos!?

    December 1, 2016 by Steve Marsh

    Recently, if you are on our mailing list you may have noticed we have sent out a few special offer emails in a text only format without pictures or the ability to click through to our web site for more information.  Why you may ask? Are we just being lazy?!


    When we receive confirmation of these special offers, it tends to be a very limited number of cars that will be sold extremely fast (sometimes within hours).  Over the past few weeks, in some occasions by the time we have created the artwork for the marketing email the cars have all been sold and you may have missed out on the deal you have been waiting for.


    Other leasing companies may not send these offers as they normally like to advertise deals where there is a large number of cars to make the effort and cost of marketing worth while.


    We want to make sure we are always giving you the right car or van at the right price, so when these limited offers come along the fastest way to get the offer to you with a fighting chance to order one is the plain text format email.


    Please keep an eye out for these offers and contact us as soon as you can, as these deals end fast!


    Have a great week


I just wanted to drop you an email to thank you personally for the wonderful service that I have received from you and your company. I have leased six cars over the years and have to say the way you dealt with my car was wondeful. Many thanks for all your efforts, I will vertainly be recommending your company in the future.

Dave, Luton Town

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