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What are the benefits of car leasing?

When making an important financial decision it pays to be prepared. A car unlike a house, depreciates in value and if you take out a loan or finance agreement to purchase the car you are simply paying a monthly amount for something that is losing, not gaining in value. Leasing is an alternative proposition; instead of owning the vehicle you pay a monthly amount to use the car over a set period of time (usually 24 or 36 months). Then at the end of the agreement, the car is simply handed back.

How does leasing work?

So what other benefits are there to leasing?

  • Monthly repayments on average tend to be less costly when leasing
  • No huge up-front cost (small deposit is required – on average up to three months’ payments
  • Could be that you are able to drive away in a car that could otherwise have been out of your price range
  • FREE Road Tax for the duration of the contract
  • FREE Breakdown Cover
  • FULL Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Drive a brand new car every 2-4 years
  • Benefit from performance enhancements found on newer models