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Treating Customers Fairly - Policy Statement 


At Maxi-Lease Ltd we pride ourselves on being able to offer a service built around the principals of Treating Clients Fairly (TCF). It is from these principles that our "Great Service Guaranteed" was born as our teams and management alike share the aims of building our business around the needs and expectations of our valued clients at every opportunity.

We always aim to treat you fairly. This means that we will always endeavour to:

  • Conduct our business with due skill, care and integrity
  • Never put ourselves in a position where our primary duty to you is compromised
  • Deal with any complaint sympathetically and independently of the colleague to whom the complaint is directed
  • Be transparent in the matter of our remuneration
  • Respect your confidentiality

Our aim is best set out in our mission statement:

Working together to ensure we meet our customers' expectations

Treating customers as we like to be treated ourselves

These words reflect the culture and philosophy that is central to our activity. We recognise however, that to fulfill this objective we must:

  • Invest in the training and development of our staff to ensure they are competent and focused on the importance of treating every customer fairly
  • Monitor calls and activities to ensure that each vehicle finance and insurance enquiry is treated consistently and that any advice given is in the customers' best interests
  • Continually assess the services we provide to ensure we can meet changing requirements
  • Provide documentation to clearly and unambiguously explain how our vehicle leasing/finance and insurance cover process works
  • Empower our staff to ensure any concerns raised by a customer are immediately addressed

We constantly monitor our ability to achieve these standards through:

  • Regular written assessments of individual performance
  • Benchmarking performance against quality standards
  • Internal and external audits
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

We hope that you will enjoy your Maxi-Lease experience. Your needs and expectations are always put first by our teams to make sure that by working together we can help you find the Right Car or Right Van at the Right Price.